Cradle-to-cradle Design#

Synonyms: 2CC2, C2C, cradle 2 cradle, regenerative design.

In Brief#

Cradle-to-cradle Design is a biomimetic approach to product and system design that mimics natural processes, in which materials are considered as nutrients flowing in healthy, safe metabolisms.

More in Detail#

Cradle to Cradle is a philosophy that views rubbish as an infinite resource and encourages people to do the right thing from the start. It’s about making community and product development work like a healthy ecological system, where all resources are utilised efficiently and in a cyclical manner. Industry, according to C2C, should safeguard and enhance ecosystems and nature’s biological metabolism. It is a comprehensive economic, industrial, and social framework aimed at creating jobs that are efficient and waste-free. The concept may be applied to many facets of human civilization, including urban landscapes, buildings, economy, adn social systems.

This entry was written by Andrea Rossi, Andrea Visentin and Barry O’Sullivan.